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 Post subject: Leeds Castle
PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 3:57 pm 

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Leeds Castle

I always thought Leeds Castle would make a good photography place to visit. I noticed had rooms available on site at reasonable prices which included free entrance to the Castle (when open) and all the grounds whilst staying there.

I think the general public are allowed in the grounds after 10am.

It was our Golden Wedding anniversary (yes I followed Neil Armstrong, with one small step for me and one bigger one for Mrs Db accepting lol) and finding a suitable place for a long weekend was proving difficult.

So I rang Leeds Castle office as I wanted something special for accommodation on this occasion. They told me the popular Maiden's Tower which is on the castle island was fully booked but they suggested the Windsor room in the Stable Yard Block would be suitable as it had a four poster bed.

I was not sure whether Mrs Db would have to muck out each morning but decided to take the room anyway at the cost of a King's ransom.

In the past I had looked at various photographs taken of the grounds and there was one of Leeds Castle lit at night. So I had great discussions with my camera club friend as to what would be the best way to take such a shot.

The advice was I would need my tripod and the camera remotes all set up ready to take long exposures.

A0P1070486 copy5 copyBorder.jpg
A0P1070486 copy5 copyBorder.jpg [ 835.69 KiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

And so the day came and arriving early we were told our room was ready for us and shown the Stable Court Yard and our room was metres from the shot taken above.

Stable Court Yard

A1P1070490.jpg [ 1.67 MiB | Viewed 1028 times ]


Mrs Db was delighted with the bedroom and after a cup of tea she started to unpack.

It started to rain and it was now around 3:30pm but we had free passes to go into the castle. So we decided go in as that would keep us dry, however, it closed at 4:30pm so it would only be a quick visit this time.

A2DSC_6849.jpg [ 1.12 MiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

Castle Entrance

So showing our passes in the rain we quickly went into the main door of the castle.

A6AP1070134.jpg [ 1.13 MiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

Queen's Bedroom

This was the bedroom of Joan of Navarre, Queen of England to Henry 4th and she was later held prisoner here by her Step Son Henry 5th. I took this shot as she was given a bigger bedroom than us. :?

A6P1070135.jpg [ 1.36 MiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

So inside the castle rooms

Apart for the Delboy's many other famous celebrities have stayed here including Cliff Richard, Sir Winston Churchill.

A7P1070142.jpg [ 1.3 MiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

along with Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon who brought a large entourage of people which filled the area.

A8P1070144.jpg [ 1.27 MiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

The castle has undergone many changes throughout the centuries and the last owner Lady Ballie made sure that when she died the castle would be left in trust to avoid the death duties.

A9P1070152.jpg [ 1.46 MiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

Castle doors

As we were the only ones left in the castle the security were following around turning off the lights. "Why are you taking pictures of doors", one of them asked. "Well we have a photo competition later in the year with the theme of 'Door'" , I replied

"Oh, there are lots of doors in here", he said

A10P1070141.jpg [ 823.34 KiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

Out side door

So at 4:30pm the heavy doors closed behind us

A11P1070164.jpg [ 830.38 KiB | Viewed 1028 times ]

Mrs Db would run her bath whilst outside it was still partly raining so I just popped out with my small camera to see if I could get any reflections

Evening reflections

However, the rain cleared up and I was beginning to wish I had my brought better camera out with me

A12P1070199.jpg [ 1.23 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Leeds Castle has black swans on their moat and are much photographed with the castle as the back drop. There was even a small sunset but I had picked the wrong side to photograph it.

A13P1070234.jpg [ 1.35 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Stable yard lit up

So after washing and changing for dinner we were going to eat in their posh restaurant. "I hope your not going to start taking photographs of the meals in there" :shock: , said Mrs Db. "I'll just put my small camera in my pocket just in case", I said. I thought how can a blogger be without it :oops:

The Courtyard was lit up as we walked out

A14P1070261.jpg [ 1.32 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]


Well here is my starter chicken satay, it's all art on a plate here

A15P1070459.jpg [ 1.13 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

steak for me

A16P1070462.jpg [ 1.33 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

followed by a fancy looking cheese cake

A17P1070463.jpg [ 1.07 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Castle lit up

Mrs Db popped back to the room whilst I brought around my big camera and tripod but could not believe my remotes on the camera did not work properly and abandoned the shoot for the evening.

A18DSC_6861.jpg [ 753.14 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

our bedroom

Now I have for the last 50 years slept on the right hand side of the bed and pyjamas and nightie placed on the appropriate pillows, along with torches, watches and orange juice on each of the side tables.

A19DSC_6839.jpg [ 1.1 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

four posts

However, Mrs Db once in bed realised she could not see the TV because a post was in the way. "Well that did not seem to have bothered Catherine of Aragon", I said, "But I will swap sides with you". Then it revealed the TV remote would not work from in the bed as the room was so big lol.

It was a good job we brought torches, as once the lights went out the room was pitch black and I did not want Anne Boleyn walking in having picked the wrong room :o

Soon I fell asleep but in the middle of the night I partly woke up thirsty and reached over for my glass of orange. "What are you doing", asked a startled Mrs Db feeling my hand on her chest. "Oh, I forgot I am on the wrong side of the bed", I replied :oops:

A20P1070465.jpg [ 1.19 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Early morning scenes

I decided to get up early that morning to see if I could get a red sky at dawn but that did not come about.

B1DSC_6908.jpg [ 1.17 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

So I walked around their golf course taking different part of the castle.

B2DSC_6922.jpg [ 1.19 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]


Again it was art on a plate but help yourselves to yogurts and orange juice.

B3aP1070480 (1).jpg
B3aP1070480 (1).jpg [ 1.41 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

I have never seen a sausage and egg presented this way :roll:

B3b0p1070480 (2).jpg
B3b0p1070480 (2).jpg [ 1.17 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

A walk

After breakfast we decided to go for a walk around the grounds

B3DSC_6952.jpg [ 1.18 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Bridge reflections

One of the camera club member's is very good at taking reflections so was looking at ways to compete lol

B4DSC_6959.jpg [ 1.2 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]


There are peacocks around the grounds but this one kept going in and out of the shade making it difficult to shoot (with a camera) lol

B5DSC_6977 copy.jpg
B5DSC_6977 copy.jpg [ 1.43 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

carving in tree

High up a tree there was this wood carving

B6P1070331.jpg [ 1.81 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Weir with dog

I was pleased with this lady walking over the weir with a dog.

B7P1070333 copy1.jpg
B7P1070333 copy1.jpg [ 1.62 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

red bridge

Once it is 10:00am I think the general public are let into the grounds

B9DSC_6980.jpg [ 1.58 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

I liked the look of this red tree but did not looks so impressive on the photograph

River and red tree

B10P1070340.jpg [ 1.97 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

back to castle

So we eventually arrived back at the castle, then back to our room for a coffee and suddenly there was a heavy rain shower.

B11DSC_6981.jpg [ 1.37 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]


The rain packed up and we headed out again towards the maze. Now unbeknown to Mrs Db I thought I would be clever and google the way out of the maze. However, there is a member of staff high up in the middle for guidance. Now once inside, this 'google knowledge' fell apart and 15 minutes later the guy was asking if we needed help :D "Not yet", I replied, "are we near the exit". "No not really " he said.

10 minutes later I knew there would be a falconry display and said, "ok we give up" and were guided to the centre. After a small chat with the guide, he said we had to go out through a grotto to get out . :shock:

B12P1070347.jpg [ 1.91 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]


And that seemed to go on for ever :D

B13P1070350.jpg [ 771.35 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

But interesting pictures

B14P1070351.jpg [ 898.65 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

However, thinking ahead, an owl in flight might be more to a judge's taste

B15P1070352.jpg [ 788.58 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

back of owl

But this owl was not going to play ball and could only get the back of it in flight ( never work with animal, birds and children) lol

after many goes and a long wait we went to the falconry area

B16DSC_6995.jpg [ 907.53 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

where perhaps these birds were waiting their turn

B17DSC_7000.jpg [ 1.08 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

This owl I kid you not was about a metre tall

B18DSC_7002.jpg [ 807.72 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Evening reflections

So evening came and I got some better reflection shots

B20DSC_7006.jpg [ 994.17 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

using my better camera and tripod

B21DSC_7022.jpg [ 1.17 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

B22DSC_7028 copy.jpg
B22DSC_7028 copy.jpg [ 1.01 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Castle lit

After dinner and on my best behaviour ( no dinner pictures) :oops:

I again tried the castle having corrected the remotes but this time I could not focus on anything as it was too dark. The security van putting white lines at the bottom of the picture and jet streaks from Gatwick in the sky :evil:

B23DSC_7084.jpg [ 811.55 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Castle from distance

The next morning before breakfast I walked up higher on the hill to get some different shots

c1DSC_7120.jpg [ 1.31 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

Castle time

After breakfast it was a second visit to the castle

c3DSC_7123.jpg [ 1.39 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

And we found our way in by the official entrance via the cellar

c3DSC_7129.jpg [ 1.18 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

another door

another door and then we would be going up a spiral staircase that Mrs Db was not too keen on

c4DSC_7131.jpg [ 798 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

and this guy was lurking halfway up the stairs case

c5DSC_7132.jpg [ 688.44 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

I was looking for unusual things to photograph with another theme in mind of 'shiny'

c6DSC_7136 copy.jpg
c6DSC_7136 copy.jpg [ 824.09 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

This was at the top of the spiral staircase and it's quite easy to miss whilst one is concentrating on getting one's self to safety on the even landing above

c7DSC_7137.jpg [ 664.77 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

so now outside we have had another tour around the castle

c8DSC_7141.jpg [ 1.44 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

and after a cup of tea, I wanted to go up higher to get a better picture of the castle whilst Mrs Db waited for me below

c9DSC_7151.jpg [ 1.41 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

I had heard from other guests about mushrooms up here but not sure what they were but most were like saucers in size. I did make one look like a spaceship on another photograph

c10DSC_7157.jpg [ 1.47 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]


So in was evening I wanted to have a last chance to get the reflections but it was too windy. I had my camera sitting on a tripod when two German girls arrived and start to take pictures in what I would call highly sexy poses with the castle as a backdrop. I assume these were for boyfriends and not me.

After the poses each of them jumped up whilst the other tried to take a photo of the other in the air but were not successful.

Well having done shots like this before I took my camera off the tripod and set it to continuous shooting and got this shot (well judges always want something interesting , how about this lol ). I showed the girls how to do it and they set their camera in the same way and got their photos.

c12DSC_7185.jpg [ 1.44 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

playing with effects

The weather started to look miserable and they left, so I started to be creative with the effects on my camera

C13DSC_7212 (1) copy.jpg
C13DSC_7212 (1) copy.jpg [ 1.63 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

C14DSC_7212 (1) copy1.jpg
C14DSC_7212 (1) copy1.jpg [ 1.23 MiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

last castle lit
so we had our anniversary meal and I watched the castle still alight. Mrs Db was watching 'Would I lie to you' on TV, as I said, I will just be 30 mins :oops: .

It started to rain I had my remotes, torch and phone in my hand, as my mate timed my photos for me over the phone. After the security van put white streaks across my photos twice, he then proceeded to drive into the castle grounds and turn on a security floodlight. My camera shutter speed was exposed to all lights for 3:30 mins and was picking up all the unwanted lighting along with jets coming out of Gatwick. :shock:

Finally after an hour I got my photo I wanted and in competition it got an 18. I got a few comments that parts of the sky was not necessary but could not let him know that it almost cost me a divorce in getting the blinking shot but there will always be a next time lol

C15DSC_7226 copy3 copy3 copy copyBorder copy.jpg
C15DSC_7226 copy3 copy3 copy copyBorder copy.jpg [ 749.61 KiB | Viewed 1027 times ]

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